Enable and Accelerate your

Operations during crisis

Resume and maintain social and economic activities in a safe and timely, way using a pandemic lifecycle management system built for everyone.

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Guide, Support and keep your Employees and Customers safe

opun enables Business to verify and operationalize safe working and business environments in support of employees, partners, and customers to support and drive economic recovery


Consumer-Facing Businesses

Sign up with opun to publish your guidelines, build trust and confidence with the public and get the business back up and running. opun will help operationalize safe working and business environments in support of employees, partners, and customers. opun supports businesses with a clear structure for phased reopening and sustaining operations.



opun helps resume on-site teaching programs and campus activities while raising the safety and confidence of the students, faculty and employees. opun helps

  • Reopen and sustain physical operation
  • Provide real-time information and measures to staff, faculty, and university community
  • Manage access and operations of various onsite facilities
  • Enable proactive containment management to minimize viral exposure



opun helps you build a community framework to better support your members and strengthen connections. It provides:

  • A communication tool to guide members’ health and safety with accurate real-time information and measures
  • A support structure for member’s with businesses on reopening and sustaining operations safely
  • Proactive prevention measures to empower the members in their efforts to minimize viral exposure



Create a safe workplace environment while sustaining consistent operations and managing multiple facilities.
opun helps

  • Bring your workforce back without compromising their safety and health
  • Provide real-time information and measures to employees about operational safety & health
  • Increase your ability to sustain physical operation
  • Enable proactive management to minimize viral exposure
  • Manage various types of onsite facilities through specific measures



Keep healthcare workers and patients safe and healthy while minimizing the stress on healthcare systems.
opun helps

  • Guide healthcare workers about their health and safety with accurate real-time information, measures and a support framework
  • Protect your critical infrastructure and key front-line workers through smart containment technology
  • Extend virus exposure protection to the healthcare workers family & friends


Health Insurance

Encourage safety through proactive actions in support of preventative healthcare

Preventative health care is a top priority for the Insurance industry. opun supports this priority by providing an integrated pandemic lifecycle management system to it’s members containing Preventative health measures offering your members ability to be safe and healthy.



Participate in societal and economic activities in a safe engaged way with real-time guidance

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    Social distancing alert

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    Exposure Notification

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    Lab Test Integrator

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    Zone Reminder

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    Guidelines System

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Keep distance for your and others safety

opun guides you with personalized alerts to help you maintain distance between you, your loved ones and others.


Take actions for your and others health and safety

opun will alert you in case of possible exposure to the virus. It will help you take precautionary measures in order to protect you and the people around you. opun will help you find the right testing agency and connect you with support services. With opun you can easily track your health status and testing results.

OPUN’s smart anonymous network technology protects user privacy without disclosing where, when, and from who the exposure has come from.


Your health in your hands

Gain real-time access to your health status and your lab test results while protecting your personal and healthidentity. This empowers you to make informed decisions about your health and safety of loved ones and others


Zone into safety

opun supports you during the isolation process by providing you the option to receive reminders when leaving your isolation area. It is an additional containment measure to keep your loved ones safe and adds to your effort to diminish the spread of the virus.


Guidelines at your fingertips

Easy access to every official guideline and policies to help you make informed decisions. Real time updates to help you feel safe and confident as you engage in social and economic activities.


Ask Kapali

Chatbot provides answers to your questions about the latest Covid-19 related questions and pandemic guidelines.It helps you easily navigate the wealth of information available to the public including health, containment and phased business reopening information.





Our mission is to reduce the social and economic impact of pandemics
on humanity. With opun, we aim to help resume social and economic
activities across any pandemic lifecycle.

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