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Opun makes Economic and Social Activities Possible

Opun empowers us with real-time guidance, meaningful data, and an effective support framework to resume and maintain economic and social activities. Opun makes it possible for everyone to take informed, actions across ecosystems during any crisis or situation.

opun | Flow

Cities/Counties to its residents or organization to its population opun FLOW gets the right information at the right time

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opun | Access

Access badge, Manual check of documents, Protocol compliance verification – all can be replaced with this one visual code solution

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opun | Connect

Integrating individual clinical data from any healthcare provider into individuals’ app and their organization

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opun | Near

Proximity Alert, Social Distance, Exposure Notification – all require a robust technology in a crisis or social situation. opun NEAR is a unique technology of its kind

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opun | Vault

Emergency situation diffuser designed for cities’ residents and first responders…

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opun | Notification

It is not just a Mass Notification System that opun-Notification offers - Multi communication medium, smart target recipient group selection for notifications, real time and context sensitive notifications and much more

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“Quality of Life” and the “Pursuit of Happiness” are paramount to every individual, family and city in Society. Everyone wants to achieve a better lifestyle and provide more for the ones they love.

With OPUN there’s




to Live




Our Products give you that “More”

Connects   Connects   Connects   Connects   Connects   Connects   Connects   Connects   Connects   

Opun is a safety and privacy first solution geared to address the preparedness and operational aspects of Government, Businesses, Healthcare and the Society in a crisis

  • Guidelines
  • Containment Efforts
  • Operational safety measures & Verification
  • Information and Data





During crisis, there’s a high priority for “getting back to normal”, by re-opening schools and businesses, with more access to social engagements. While our solutions can help expedite that outcome and maximize efficiency – they can be even more effective in future proofing a society that STAYS OPUN.

An Investment in OPUN Flow, Access, Connect, Near, Ice & Notification not only gets you out of the current crisis faster, but provides solutions to many other Society and Lifestyle Challenges that threaten our Health, Safety and Happiness.

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